Pursuant to Section 372.009(c) and (d) of the Texas Local Government Code, as amended (the “Act”), notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Manor, Texas (“City”), will hold a public hearing to accept public comments and discuss the petition (the “Petition”), filed by the Sky Village Kimbro Estates, LLC, RHOF, LLC, Alma Juanita Champion Meier, William Clark Meier and Carolyn Juanita Meier Fauber (collectively, the “Owner”), requesting that the City create a public improvement district (the “District”) to include property owned by the Owner.


Time and Place of the Hearing. The public hearing will be held at a regular meeting of the Manor City Council, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on October 3, 2018, in the Manor City Hall, located at 105 E. Eggleston St., Manor, Texas 78653.


General Nature of the Proposed Public Improvements. The purposes of the District include the design, acquisition, construction, and improvement of public improvement projects authorized by the Act that are necessary for the development of the Property, which public improvements will generally include: (i) the establishment of parks and open space, together with the design, construction and maintenance of any ancillary structures, features or amenities such as trails,  pavilions, community facilities, parking structures, sidewalks, irrigation, walkways, lighting, benches, trash receptacles and any similar items located therein; (ii) landscaping improvements; (iii) acquisition, construction, and improvement of water, wastewater and drainage facilities; (iv) acquisition, construction and improvement of streets, roadways, rights-of-way and related facilities; (v) construction of entry monumentation and features; (vi) signage; (vii) projects similar to those listed in subsections (i) – (vi) above; and (viii) payment of costs associated with constructing and financing the public improvements listed in subparagraphs (i) – (vii) above, including costs of establishing, administering and operating the District   (the “Authorized Improvements”).


Estimated Cost of the Authorized Improvements. The estimated total cost to design, acquire and construct the Authorized Improvements is $30,000,000 (including issuance and other financing costs). The City will determine what amount or portion of the costs will be paid by assessment of the property owners within the District.


Proposed District Boundaries. The District is proposed to include approximately 599.2 acres of land generally located along Highway 290, east of Bois D Arc Road, south of Kimbro West Road  and west of FM 1100 in Manor, Travis County, Texas, as generally depicted or described on the map provided herein as Exhibit A, said map, and metes and bounds, also available at the Manor City Hall, Office of the City Secretary, and available for public inspection.


Proposed Method of Assessment.  An assessment methodology will be prepared that will address (i) how the costs of the public improvements financed with the assessments are assessed against the property in the District, (ii) the assessments to be collected each year, and (iii) reduction of the assessments for costs savings (pursuant to the annual review of the service plan for the District).  Additionally, a report will be prepared showing the special benefits accruing to property in the District and how costs of the public improvements are assessed to property on the basis of the special benefits.  The result will be that equal shares of the costs will be imposed on property similarly benefitted.  The assessment of the methodology will result in each parcel paying its fair share of the costs of the public improvements provided with the assessments based on the special benefits received by the property from the public improvements and property equally situated paying equal shares of the costs of the public improvements.


Proposed Apportionment of Cost between the District and the City. The City will not be obligated to provide any funds to finance the Public Improvements, other than from assessments levied on the public improvement district property. No municipal property in the public improvement district shall be assessed.  Owners may also pay certain costs of the improvements from other funds available to the Owners.