The subdivision process is required for any division of property within the city limits and ETJ (extra-territorial jurisdiction). The subdivision process that is required depends on how many lots are being created, if public infrastructure is being constructed, and how the lots are being created. Additionally, subdivision submittals are only required by the City if any parcel in the resulting subdivision is 5 acres or less. If the subdivision is in the ETJ, there is concurrent review by Travis County. Separate submittals to Travis County Emergency Services District 12 (Fire Department) may be necessary for review.


Code of Ordinances for Subdivisions


Subdivision Submission Dates


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Subdivision Process with 5 or more parcels with or without public improvements:
Concept Plans

Concept plans are used to demonstrate the coordination of improvements within and among individually platted parcels, sections, or phases of a development as well as compatibility of the proposed development with City ordinances. The plans show the layout of the entire development and its relationship to adjacent properties and includes the proposed main roads, number of residential and non-residential lot, and significant drainage and topological features. City engineers have 30 days to issue comments once a completed application is received. Once all comments are clear, the plans go before the Planning Commission at their next scheduled meeting, followed by one reading at City Council for final approval. 


Preliminary Plans

Preliminary Plans provide detailed graphic information and associated text indicating property boundaries, easements, land use, streets, utilities, drainage, and other information required to evaluate the proposal. A traffic impact analysis may be required depending on the size of the development. City engineers have 30 days to issue comments once a completed application is received. Once comments are cleared, the plans will go before the Planning Commission at their next meeting for approval. 


Construction Plans

Construction Plans consist of detailed specifications and diagrams illustrating the location, design, and composition of all improvements identified in the Preliminary Plan. Additionally, any project that necessitates the construction, reconstruction, or modification of existing City infrastructure shall also be submitted for approval. City engineers have 30 days to issue comments once a completed application is received. Construction plans are approved administratively. 


Final Plats

Final Plats provide the property boundaries, easements, streets, utilities, drainage and other information required for the property to be legally subdivided by recordation in the Travis County Official Public Record. Final Plats are also used to provide addresses for the lots through City of Austin 911 Addressing. Once comments are cleared, the plans will go before the Planning Commission at their next meeting for approval. 


Acceptance of Improvement by the City

After construction of the improvements have been completed the City engineers and public works will perform an initial walk-through of the project to find any defects or variances from the approved plans that must be corrected prior to City acceptance. A 3% of total construction costs fee based on the approved Opinion of Probable Costs is due before City acceptance. Additional support documentation is also required: 

  • Final pay application to establish a final inspection fee
  • Administrative documents
    • Easement documents for offsite drainage 
    • Electronic copy of all public improvements shown on the construction plans (AutoCAD 2016 or earlier format and pdf files)
    • Design engineer's certification of substantial compliance, stating that all improvements have been completed in accordance with the approved plans and approved changes thereto 
    • Copies of all inspection reports, shop drawing and certified test results of construction materials 
    • Copies of all field-testing results including densities, bacteriological and line/manhole testing
    • Copies of the required warrantee and maintenance bond
    • Proof of payment of all applicable fees 
    • Tax Certificates as of date of filing for acceptance 
    • Copies of all bills paid affidavit 
    • Separation of Costs form

Once the project has been accepted by City and the lots have been addressed building permits can be issued for individual lots. 


Subdivision Process with 4 or fewer parcels and no public improvements:

Short Form Final Plat

When only 4 or fewer lots are created without public improvements being dedicated to the City (streets, water and wastewater lines, drainage facilities, parks) the City provides for an alternative procedure that is not heavily burdened by supplying information on land use, utility requirements, and traffic impacts. This process is suitable for simple resubdivisions, lot splits, and the platting of existing development and of land proposed for site development where public improvements are not required. City engineers have 30 days to review completed applications and issue comments. Once comments are cleared the plans are go before Planning Commission at their next scheduled meeting for approval.


Amended Plat

The purpose of amended plats is correct an error in any course or distance shown on the preceding plat; add any course or distance that was omitted on the preceding plat; correct an error in the description of the real property shown on the preceding plat; indicate monuments set after death, disability, or retirement from practice of the engineer or surveyor charged with responsibilities for setting monuments; correct any other type of scrivener or clerical error or omission as previously approved by the Commission and Council - such errors and omissions may include, but are not limited to: lot numbers, acreage, street names, and identification of adjacent recorded plats; to correct courses and distances of lot lines between two (2) adjacent lots where lot owners join in the application for an Amended Plat and neither lot is abolished, provided such amendment does not attempt to remove recorded covenants or restrictions and does not have a material adverse effect on the property rights of the owners in the plat; to relocate a lot line in order to cure an inadvertent encroachment of a building or improvement on a lot line or on an easement; and to relocate one (1) or more lot lines between one (1) or more adjacent lots where the owner or owners of all such lots join in the application for the Amended Plat, provided such amendment does not attempt to remove recorded covenants or restrictions, or increase the number or lots. City engineers have 30 days to issue comments once a completed application is received. Amended Plats are approved administratively. 

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